RetraTech certificate

I’ve got the “PHP 5 Internet Application Development” certificate by RetraTech.

Got it not using any documentation.

CleanTalk at PHPClasses.Org

Base PHP-class to work with CleanTalk service is published on PHPClasses.Org

CleanTalk PHP Spam Filter Class

WordNet thesaurus for CleanTalk

CleanTalk spam filtration mechanism is improved. I’ve made themes definition via WordNet thesaurus for both English and Russian.

WordNet dictionaries are not being used directly – they are too slow to operate with. So I’ve made generating of text themes dictionary and putting it into memcache. Speed is excellent.

New version of Cleantalk plugin for WordPress

Version of Cleantalk plugin for WordPress is upgraded to 1.1.1.


Award nominee notification

My package SCSU was nominated to the PHP Programming Innovation Award. Class page displays a symbol that identifies package as award nominee :)

New pages

New pages added – Joomla, WordPress & CodeIgniter.

SCSU was considered “notable”

SCSU PHP-class was considered “notable”! letter:

Hello Alexey,

This message is to let you know that your package “SCSU” was considered
notable. Congratulations! *****

This means that the site users interested in packages that have something
special, are being notified to pay special attention to your package.

Notable packages are carefully hand picked by a site moderator. The
moderator that picked your package wrote the following comment:

“Interesting approach to make Unicode strings more compressible.”

Hopefully this will encourage you to continue to submit more notable
packages to the site.

Once again, congratulations!

The PHP Classes site

JavaScript Archiver is released

Let me introduce the JavaScript Archiver – the binary compressor of JavaScript code.


New version of Joomla-plugin for JComments – cleantalk.joomla.plugin-v1.4.1

spam-ip-blocker – version 0.9.2

New version of spam-ip-blocker. Based on new DNSBL class version.